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Freak Music

Everybody hates this stuff, so feel free to bring out your inner gun toting-Naked Lunch-Fear and Loathing-nihilist-misanthrope. Buy all of their recordings, play them really loud, enough to make neighbours pissed, your parents ashamed and your main squeeze amazed at your awesome hiptitude. No seriously, everybody really does hate this stuff.
FMPlanetdick.jpg Freak Music - Welcome To Planet Dick SKU: ID-130 Price: $8.00
A series of observations, based on present day social and environmental concerns. "Adicktitude," "Ameritocracy" and "Necrotopia" are the band's favorites and they delight in singing them in a strange foreign accent of no known national origin. Another attempt to put the eyebrows on.
FMMoreSongs.jpg Freak Music - More Songs About Girls And Cars SKU: ID-131 Price: $8.00
What more could you ask for than songs about girls and songs about cars? Well, I'll tell ya, you could ask for the rich, robust sounds of Freak Music and their special guests. You might even want it on one long playing stereophonic hifi CD, one that is relatively cheap, considering the studio and production expenses. Plus it's fun to dance to.
FMArt.jpg Freak Music - Art Can't Hurt You But It Can Certainly Try SKU: ID-133 Price: $8.00
The latest sonic experiment from those loveable ragamuffins. Every note on this recording has been inspected and conforms to our exacting specifications, as well as industry standards.