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This is where we keep the old stuff. You never know what you might find here.
madrawk2.jpg Mad Rawk (the video) Price: $10.00
In September of 2006 The Spoilers, Bottlefight, The Numbskulls and Musclecah played Rox's in Oxford. The performances were multitrack recorded and video taped. This deluxe edition DVD features two songs from each band from this unique show.
Authenticity.jpg snakes & ladders - Authenticity SKU: ID-126 Price: $8.00
snakes & ladders final album, an homage to Wormtown, featuring "Better Friends Than Lovers," "Small Flowers," "An Overtone" and "Loose Cannon."
Staring.jpg snakes & ladders - Staring at The Sun SKU: ID-121 Price: $8.00
Their second full length CD, produced by Peter Zolli, Staring catches snakes at the beginning of their creative peak, featuring "Crowded Fire'" "Oh,Elvis" and "A Real Lefty."